Gambit Nash Supports NHS Staff with Donations

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS staff have been washing and sanitising their hands more than ever, leading to dry and cracked skin. Recently, we learned that staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham were experiencing these issues due to their lifesaving routines.

To support them, Gambit Nash engaged with hand cream suppliers to secure the best products at the best price and sent several boxes of Vaseline hand creams to help offer some relief. However, after being informed that the creams had run out, we quickly initiated a fundraising campaign through JustGiving to gather more funds. Thanks to the generous contributions from our community, family and friends, we raised enough to send two more batches of hand creams to ensuring continued and more wide spread support for the hardworking NHS staff.

We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of NHS staff and are pleased to provide #HelpForHelpingHands. This small gesture is our way of saying thank you for their invaluable service during these most challenging times. Thank you to everyone that helped us achieve this goal. For more information, visit our JustGiving page.