Hosting, Email and Security

Hosting, Email and Security

Hosting, Email and Security


Hosting, Email and Security

At Gambit Nash we offer a wide range of hosting services to our clients, the advantages of our approach are:

Our Dedicated Servers

  • Off site hosting to ensure business continuity in the event of an incident on any of our client’s premises.
  • Hosted on state of the art hardware in an enterprise class data centre, with fully redundant N+1 power supply providing up to 30 days uptime without mains power, full climate control, and FM-200 Gas fire suppression.
  • Fully firewalled and penetration-tested servers with separate management network for increased server security.
  • UK-based secure data centre, providing lower latencies and faster access speeds to UK users, connected through a fully-redundant Tier 1 network connection to the UK Internet backbone.
  • RAID based solid-state storage with full daily on-site and off-site backups.
  • Memory-Based caching to ensure fast response times for frequently-accessed content.
  • Additionally, Static content such as Images and Videos will be served off an international content delivery network (CDN).
  • Load-Balanced over a number of servers, with the ability to scale as required.
  • Automated monitoring and fail over between all load-balanced backend servers.
  • 99.98% guaranteed system up time, with SLA coverage
  • Fighting back against Spam in collaboration with Project Honey Pot.

Some clients who host with us:

CloudFlare and Gambit Nash

Call: 01562 731313

CloudFlare Optimised Partner

Gambit Nash are a CloudFlare Optimised Partner, making full use of CloudFlare’s Railgun WAN Optimisation technology across all of our hosting solutions.

CloudFlare’s Railgun technology greatly speeds up the delivery of non-cached pages. While CloudFlare automatically caches 65% of the resources needed to make up a page, 35% can’t be cached because the resources are dynamically generated or marked as ‘do not cache’. That 35% is often the initial HTML of the page that must be downloaded first. CloudFlare Railgun speeds this remaining 35%.

Hosting with Gambit Nash gets you all the benefits of CloudFlare, fully managed on your behalf with Railgun Technology – Helping to keep your site Secure, Fast, and Stable.