B2B IP Tracking

B2B IP Tracking

B2B IP Tracking


B2B IP Tracking - Identify Sales Leads Opportunities

From within your very own dashboard, you can identify company names, pages they’ve visited, time spent on site plus many more features and tools to help you convert website visitors into sales opportunities. Fixed price, no contract, first 14 days FREE

£95 + VAT per month

Why Your Business Should Invest In IP Tracking

What is Gambit Nash’s IP Tracking Tool?

Is your company losing out on potential sales opportunities? Are you scratching your head wondering why your website is letting you down? Do you find yourself using tools like Google Analytics but finding that nothing has changed? If you are this person you’re in the right place. The Gambit Nash IP tracking tool is an effective way to track the businesses that visit your website, see what they have viewed, how long they have spent on your website and what they were looking at. You can view this all through your very own dashboard with real-time results. This is going to help your business create solid leads that allow you to pick up the phone and contact your leads.

How Is This Different To Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool to use and experiment with and it’s free so there is no harm in using both our service and Google’s. However, Google Analytics will not provide you with businesses unique IP addresses. We understand why they do not as privacy is a major concern, however, our tool is specifically designed to target businesses and not general users who are surfing the web. This will give you information like the name of a company, pages they have visited and how much time they have spent on your website, and it can also give you a contact number so you can approach that business.

Easy Set-Up

Setup is easy, apply using the contact form below and someone will contact you with a small tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately

If your site is powered by WordPress, we have an official plugin which makes setup even easier!

Free 14-Day Trial

We are offering new users a free 14-day trial to familiarise yourself with the tool and find out it is something you would like to invest in.  Following your trial, we will require signup to a monthly subscription. All subscriptions have a 1-month cancellation policy.

How Can The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Tool Benefit Your Business?

Track Potential Customers in Real-time

From within your own dashboard, you can track real-time visitors contact details:

  • Company Name
  • Business Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Pages They Visited

Give Your Sales Team Focused Leads

With this data your sales teams can convert missed orders or opportunities:

  • Track how many times a customer has visited
  • Identify the pages they visited
  • Track how they found you
  • Keywords used

Return On Investment (ROI)

With state of the art digital tracking you can increase your ROI:

  • Find new customers
  • Identify & improve website behaviour
  • Analytics beyond Google
  • Business intelligence


No, our tool does not identify individual users due to privacy laws, we only identify businesses.

Yes we do, unlike many businesses that only offer you a week of trial, we like to give our customers a 14 day free trial so you can really get to know our IP tracking tool

Well, that is up to you, after the 14-day free trial is over you will know if our IP tracking tool is right for your or not. If you decide that our tool is right for you and your business you can purchase your next month from within your account.

If you choose not to purchase your account will stop collecting data.

We like to be as competitive as we can on our pricing, that is why we offer one package to our users at  £95 + VAT per month with no contract needed. We do offer a discount for an annual payment – 12 months for £950 + VAT (2 months Free)

Happy with your trial? Then get a paid subscription here – £95 +VAT Per Month

No, here at Gambit Nash we believe in delivering quality products at one flat rate. You should not have to pay more for a few extra features. That is why we offer a free 14-day trial followed by £95 + VAT per month with no contract.
Once you are all signed up we will send you a small tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately. If you have a WordPress-powered website, we have an official IP Tracking Plugin which makes setup easy – Simply install, enter your account ID (we provide this to you when you sign up) and everything is taken care of for you!

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The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Delivering Results

Our IP Tracking clients have already converted sales that they previously could have lost.

“This is super interesting for us… a great report and I have already used it internally as part of our hot list of companies to target.”

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