Effective PPC Management

Effective PPC Management

Effective PPC Management


Why Effective PPC Management Is Important

PPC (pay per click) is the most immediate way of driving customers to your website. It has the potential to put your offer in front of the best audience possible almost instantly. It doesn’t rely on the long process of ranking and SEO, and works without the need for establishing a brand or being present on social media. Done correctly, an effective PPC campaign using the world’s largest network, Google Adwords, is an effective and profitable marketing tool. Adwords is the platform that many businesses rely on as an almost instant, cost effective and long lasting sales channel.

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Save Over 20% On Your PPC Budget

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Gambit Nash offer comprehensive, returns based PPC management, starting with a FREE appraisal of your current Adwords campaigns. We will look at your keywords, targeting and bids and, if we can’t save you at least 20% of your current spend – we will tell you up front.

Pay per click

As a marketing tool, and focussed towards getting a cost effective ROI, pay-per click is used by some of the biggest brands such as Amazon and Ebay, as well as local businesses, where the ability to target individual demographic elements of an audience in specific geographic locations at precisely the right time offers a day-one route to market and instant profitability.

Perhaps you have encountered the other side of PPC? Direct marketing through any network, done without regard to the many factors that influence the results can be a cash drain. Adwords done badly can lead to a high cost per visitor, a low conversion rate and a negative return on investment. Knowing your audience, your competition and your own success criteria is the first step in effective direct marketing online.

Don’t forget that not all of your PPC traffic, in fact only a small percentage of them, actually buy a product or leave you their contact details.  This is where business to business IP tracking comes in.  To ensure that you get the maximum return on your PPC investments tracking, and being able to contact, those companies is hugely important.

At Gambit Nash we have a database of companies IP addresses so we can identify them and pass you their contact details.  This is a free service for all of our SEO and PPC clients and it continues to secure them valuable business.

The Six Main Factors Influencing PPC Profitability

Let’s take a look at the six differences between successful cost effective advertising and unsuccessful campaigns which drain time and money from your marketing budget?


1. Keyword Research

In PPC you choose to bid on keywords and key-phrases. This bidding is done in a marketplace against other business and website owners on the network. To have your advert appear in response to a Google user’s search normally requires that your bid is in the top three or four. This can look like an expensive proposition from the outset. The idea here is to carefully select your bid targets. Choose which keywords to bid for, and how much to set your bids at. Our analysis, using Gambit Nash’s bespoke tools, looks at which keywords offer the best value for money. Our tools offer the ability to analyse hundreds or even thousands of words and phrases, to cherry pick those that offer a great cost per click and are likely to convert to sales activity on the target website. This initial analysis is a task that uses our custom coded keyword tool.

Hint. It’s normally best not to bid for most obvious, short, expensive key phrases. “Plumber in Birmingham” might seem the most obvious choice if you are a plumber in the West Midlands area. However, it is an expensive, rarely used phrase that attracts “window shopper” clicks rather than buying clicks. When choosing keywords It is important to think like a potential customer, not as a business owner.

2. Campaign Set-Up

Google offer a great number of options when setting up an Adwords campaign. As well as the choices made with the keyword analysis tools, you can choose from a wide array of advertising types. Text only, image, video. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing to display on Google alone or take advantage of the Adsense partner network can alter a campaign results dramatically. The demographic and chronological targeting options all have a role to play. An effective campaign will target many groups of keywords, be specific about the cost, understand the intended audience and have and be laser focussed on achieving the best return on investment (ROI). Hint. The list of activities that should be done before a campaign starts involves comprehensive competition analysis, audience research and in most cases the implementation of results tracking to allow post launch optimisation. A good PPC campaign is never “set and forget”. The marketplace for bids is live and opportunities to improve occur regularly.

3. Landing Page Quality

Then there is the matter of your landing page. The URL (website page) you intend to send your potential customers to. While the bidding process starts out as a simple” highest bid wins” system, it is strongly influenced by the quality of the landing page you choose to direct your visitors to. If Google cannot see that it is relevant they may give it a “Poor” landing page score, and this apples a direct negative weighting to your bid. While you can never bid more than you choose to, you can end up with a much lower exposure rate. A quality score system is used by most networks and is designed to favour those pages which offer the best quality of information to the visitor. Google will measure such elements as how long a typical visitor stays on the page, where they click and if they interact with the page. A landing page which fails to retain the interest of visitors or has them leaving seemingly unsatisfied with the information offered will soon get a “Poor” landing page score, and this can quadruple the amount each visitor costs. In extreme cases the network can refuse to show your advertisement altogether if it thinks the page you are sending your visitors to is entirely irrelevant.

4. The Traffic Funnel

Perhaps the most distressing mistake a novice Adwords marketer can make is in the conversion of a website visitor into a buyer or client. The largest single factor here is the layout of the website itself and the journey a visitor needs to make between arriving on the site, and taking the “call to action”. Thought needs to be given to whatever the goal of your direct marketing efforts may be. It could be as simple as buying a product, or perhaps to sign up to be contacted. Whatever action the campaign is designed to achieve, the pathway between a paid visitor arriving on your site, and them completing the goal action of your campaign needs to be simple and obvious. There there are a number of site issues that can seriously detract from an otherwise well run direct marketing effort. The considerations need to include the page navigation, the explanation of the product or service, a clear call to action and the removal of any site elements that might detract or distract the visitor from talking the desired action, while ensuring the right elements are present to encourage the desired action. Google Adwords encourage users to place a tracking code on their website which shows the activity of a visitor sent via their network. Using this data it is possible to see where any shortcomings may be and improve the conversion of paid traffic, into real customers.

5. Results Analysis

Relying on our Gambit Nash keyword analysis tool initially gets a PPC campaign off to a great start. However, over time, the results of any Adwords spend tells its own story. At that point we use our own analysis tools as well as our years of experience to ensure best value for money over the long term.

As the campaign runs it is important to revisit the initial decisions made and adapt to the changing circumstances of the bidding marketplace. In almost every market the audience and competition react and behave in subtly different ways over time. A careful analysis of the results will inform the best decisions as time goes on.

6. B2B IP Tracking

OK then, so your SEO and PPC investments and efforts are reaping increased traffic results.  Good news and you should be happy and proud, but it is not all about increased traffic.  The Gambit Nash Digital ROI model focuses on increased business revenue NOT simply increased traffic levels to your website.  Conversions to sales are the key and this requires effort on many levels.  Well designed landing pages with clear calls to action and up front eye catching offers and discounts are part of this puzzle.

Equally a good business to business IP tracking service should form part of your conversion armory.  There are a number of these services on the market.  At Gambit Nash we have access to the very latest business registry for IP addresses.  This means that, free of charge to all of our SEO and PPC clients, we will supply you with a list of all the businesses with registered and fixed IP addresses that have visited your site.  They do not have to leave their details, we can track and identify them anyway.  This service is highly valued by our existing clients and has lead them to secure valuable orders and develop very profitable commercial relationships.

Gambit Nash Adwords Management

Gambit Nash offer comprehensive, returns based PPC management. Starting with a free appraisal of you current Adwords campaigns. We will look at your keywords, targeting and bids and, if we can’t save you at least 20% on your current spend – we will tell you.

We can help you to set up effective conversion tracking and suggest any optimizations to your website’s sales channel.

Bringing together our years of experience, Gambit Nash can offer affordable, effective PPC management.

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