How To Add Our IP Tracking Code To Your Website

How To Add Our IP Tracking Code To Your Website

How To Add Our IP Tracking Code To Your Website


Adding Our IP Tracking Code To Your Website

Setting up IP Tracking on your website is straightforward and hassle-free. We provide a user-friendly WordPress plugin or instructions for a simple process to insert the code into your website markup.

Video Demonstration: Installing Gambit Nash IP Tracking Plugin

You can use Gambit Nash IP Tracking to convert previously anonymous visitors into sales leads, see how to install our plugin with this short video

Installing The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Plugin

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/gn-ip-tracking directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->IP Tracking screen to configure the plugin with your IP Tracking account ID.

Please Note: This plugin is only an integration for the IP Tracking service, you will need an existing subscription in order for the plugin to function

After installing and configuring the plugin, be sure to purge/flush any page cache(s) you may have (for example, W3 Total Cache) to ensure the IP tracking code is added to all pages.

Inserting The Code Into Your Website

Setup is easy, apply using the contact form below and someone will contact you with a small tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately.

Our process for your IP Tracking

Requesting A 14-Day Trial

Once a user has requested a 14-day free trial, our team receives an email from the form that you have filled in. We will then start the process of registering your business with our software. We create your business a unique profile that can access your businesses data with a username and a strong password.  along with a an account ID that will be emailed to you.

Trial Reminder

We will then leave you to either install the plugin yourself or inserting the tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page, on your site, you wish to track. If after two weeks you have not had time or are waiting on your web developers to do this for you, we will send out a friendly reminder to you, remember your trial does not start until you either install the plugin or insert the tracking code.

Receiving Your IP Tracking Credentials

Once you have installed or inserted your code into your website we will be able to see data our end. We will then email you with your unique username and secure password. You can change your password, however we highly recommend using the generate one we have given to you.

Trial Ending

On the tenth day of your IP Tracking trial, we will send out an email to you to notify you that your trial will soon become to an end. If you have found the services to be useful to yourself and your business you have the option to sign up there and then, paying either monthly, annual or quarterly. If you do not wish to continue with the service you do not have too.


Unfortunately not – A subscription to the Gambit Nash IP Tracking service is required in order for the plugin to work. This plugin is simply an integration tool to make it easier to add the tracking code to your site, without the need to modify your site’s files.
If you’ve found this plugin and it is of interest to you, but you’re not currently a subscriber to the Gambit Nash IP Tracking service, you can find out more on our website: Gambit Nash B2B IP Tracking.
If you have an active subscription to the Gambit Nash IP Tracking service, you can find your Account ID either through your IP Tracking dashboard, or in the welcome email you received after sign-up.
Once you’ve installed, activated, and configured the plugin (as per the Installation guide) you should begin to see B2B leads being tracked in your IP Tracking dashboard. If you’re not seeing any leads tracked after 48 hours of activating the plugin, then please contact us for support.
The Gambit Nash IP Tracking service combines data from a variety of proprietary location databases which we are not licensed to redistribute. The advantage to the IP Tracking service is that our databases are updated frequently without the need to update your integration plugin.

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