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Media : Photography, Videography, Animation & 3D

Our work often relies on multiple forms of media element (Multimedia) to help them achieve their goals.

Multimedia elements add depth, appeal and engagement to websites, software, digital marketing and print media. By utilising photography, videography, audio, animation and 3D elements, businesses can effectively communicate their messages, build their brand, enhance user experience and achieve their marketing objectives.

Recording video segments with clients

Product Photography

Location Photography

Fashion Photography

Educational Photography


“A picture is worth a 1000 words” – Frederick R. Barnard.

At our Belbroughton studio, we take pride in offering comprehensive photography services for businesses. With our in-house photography studio, we possess the capability to capture high-quality images of small to medium-sized products. However, our expertise extends beyond this space, as we are fully equipped to handle larger projects as well. Our portable kit allows us to conduct on-location shoots, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our clients.

In addition to product photography, we specialise in educational shoots, catering to the needs of schools and colleges nationwide. Our team is experienced in capturing compelling visuals that effectively communicate educational concepts and bring them to life.

To ensure top-notch results, we utilise the latest digital cameras, lenses and lighting equipment. This cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver stunning imagery that meets the highest industry standards.

Videography & Animation

We don’t limit ourselves to still photography alone; our capabilities also encompass shooting and editing 4K video footage, 3D modelling, 2D and 3D animation. This comprehensive suite of visual services allows us to offer a wide range of dynamic content that engages and captivates viewers.

With our professional services and advanced equipment, including the latest digital cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and 3D modelling and animation software, we are dedicated to helping businesses elevate their visual content. Whether you need stunning product photography, immersive 4K UHD video production, or captivating 2D and 3D animations, we have the expertise and tools to effectively showcase your products, services or educational offerings.

Video Production

3D Visualisations & Animation

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Our approach to your Media project.


  • We take time to understand you and your intended users
  • We take a full brief of your requirements
  • We investigate your market, your status within in it and your competition
  • We discover and obtain an understanding of your software environments and related systems
  • We write and deliver a costed project proposal and suggested timeline for your agreement


  • Define the purpose and goals of the multimedia project.
  • Identify the target audience and message for the project.
  • Determine the budget and timeline for the project.
  • Decide on the type of multimedia to create (e.g., video, photos, animation, etc.).
  • Plan out the story or concept for the multimedia.
  • Determine the necessary equipment and resources needed for the project.


  • Develop a concept and storyboard for the multimedia project.
  • Create a script and identify the necessary dialogue or narration.
  • Determine the lighting, sound, and set design.
  • Choose the appropriate style, colour scheme, and tone for the project.
  • Identify any necessary post-production elements, such as special effects or editing.


  • Set up the equipment and create the necessary set design.
  • Record the footage or take the necessary photos.
  • Capture necessary audio elements such as music and narration.
  • Edit the footage or photos using appropriate software.
  • Add any necessary post-production elements.
  • Review and revise the final product as necessary.


  • Determine the appropriate platforms to distribute the multimedia (e.g., social media, website, video-sharing platforms, etc.).
  • Optimise the multimedia for the selected platforms.
  • Choose an appropriate hosting or sharing method.
  • Upload or publish the multimedia to the selected platforms.


  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote the multimedia.
  • Utilise social media, email marketing, and other advertising methods to promote the multimedia.
  • Implement a content marketing strategy to attract and engage potential viewers.
  • Measure the success of the multimedia project using metrics such as views, shares, and engagement.


  • Monitor the performance of the multimedia and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Update or refresh the multimedia as necessary to keep it current and relevant.
  • Store the original footage or photos in a secure location for future use.
  • Stay up to date with the latest multimedia production trends and technologies to ensure continued success.

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