Website Design & Development

At Gambit Nash we can develop websites from first principles using HTML 5, CSS 3 and various other technologies.

Gambit Nash will carefully research the websites that you are impressed by and feel would be a good model for your own site, in addition to analysing the sites of your competitors. We will then sympathetically produce several design ideas in a static format. Following further consultation with our clients, we narrow down a preferred design approach and develop the look and feel of the new site.

We will layout all key sections prior to any site or theme build using a sitemap layout. This ensures we have understood the client’s requirements and allows to build the site from the ground up.


WordPress Content Management System


Architecture and Requirements

We often propose WordPress as the web development and Content Management System of choice. WordPress was designed and developed as a “blogging” platform, but due to its growth has now become a web leader in CMS for many different and customisable needs.

WordPress is open source (no license fees for use) and has been constantly evolving for 10 years. It features the ability to create custom content types, assign “widget” areas for drag and drop organisation of content, drag and drop menu builders, plugin architecture to add even more functionality, theme use to change themes on the fly, and most importantly the ability to create “multisite” installs.

The Content Management System

Custom Post Types are a great way to organise content and allow for example:

  • The creation of “services” as a post type and “products” as a post type
  • Every post type will if desired automatically be given auto generating RSS feeds, and archive pages

Every WordPress post type has the ability to include “post meta” information. This can be anything from service type codes, to deadlines for jobs, and even associated documents with a service or product type.

The infrastructure allows for the creation of unlimited post types, with unlimited meta information, and unlimited “link ability” between posts and post types. There is also the ability to include custom post types within the main search results, or in fact within custom search results.

The theme and multisite features of WordPress will be particularly useful for number of our clients with the need to create “mini sites”. The idea of WordPress multisite is that these sites can have their own themes, their own content, their own settings, and their own analytics. They are treated as entirely separate sites, but can utilise the same themes and plugins.

This means in basic terms the client “theme” can be updated to include more/different styling and these changes will effect the whole multisite network, which cuts down on the need for replication. Even using the same theme we can create options per site, which change the colour scheme and any specific details which need to be changed.

responsive websites

Optimised for Mobile Devices

All of our Gambit Nash websites are optimised for mobile devices, using the very latest responsive technologies, themes and bespoke developments. We advise against a separate mobile solution, as this can lead to inconsistent content across the platforms, and a duplicate content issue for search engines posing as mobile visitors.

The Gambit Nash development framework, built around WordPress, features a mobile first approach and the html markup used is lightweight to ensure faster loading times. WordPress itself features “thumbnail” generation of all uploaded media which ensures the size of images delivered to a visitor will always be optimised for the given location and space on a page, both in mobile and desktop views.

Specific server optimisations of the “web server” software are put in place to follow speed and SEO best practices which includes, but is not limited to caching of static resources to reduce load and wait times. Turning off unused properties like etags and server signatures to reduce network latency and ensure a fast, well performing website in terms of speed accessibility and SEO.

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