Windows 10, should you upgrade?

So Windows 10 is here, and well after us here at Gambit Nash trying to install it on our PC’s hasn’t been a, let’s say a walk in the park we eventually got there. Now at first I myself was a little sceptical about this update, as the update from Windows 7 to 8 wasn’t the best Microsoft had to offer and was manly for their tablet market.

So upon install I initially found myself with a very clean looking lock screen, quite similar to the Mac OS. After logging in I found myself greeted by a very familiar friend, the start menu that we all know and loved. I really like this edition to the latest OS incorporating both Windows 8 tiles and the classic start bar works really well, with more customization than you could ever need is a really refreshing change up from previous systems.



Another nice addition to Windows 10 is the Action centre. Here you have all your notifications that come through to your PC, it’s a nice new and refreshing take.

Action Centre

Another change that needs to be covered is the Windows Store. This has had a complete re design as is completely functional, although there is not many apps on here at current time, due to the fact that Windows 10 is barley three days old. But I assume that with the coming weeks and months we will find a lot more apps here.

Windows Store

We also have “Tablet mode” this allows users who have a laptop/tablet to use the best of both and Windows 10 recognizes when your Tablet is docked on the keyboard and it changes to a PC format, and when you undock it automatically turns into tablet.

Tablet Mode

Task view is a mode that allows you to view all your current Windows that are open and even allows you to have multiple Window desktops. This would be perfect for businesses, you could have one desktop that focuses on all your business needs, mail, Word, Excel etc. and you can have a desktop set up for usage. You could put things like iTunes, Images etc.

Task View


But should you upgrade? Well my answer would be, yes most definitely, especially if you have Windows 8 and 8.1 these two operating systems where designed more for the tablet market. Whereas Windows 10 is the best of both having the desktop and the tablet modes. It’s very functional with a few minor flaws like not being able to multi delete emails in mail.

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