Why You Should Not Buy Fake Followers

In today’s business market we are always looking for time-saving tools to increase productivity but be wary if you try to do this with your social media marketing plan.

  • Buying fake followers may seem like a quick fix and seem good on paper, but they will not engage with any content you post and will de-value your true followers and any data you could gain from them. These true followers will engage and share your content for you. The fake followers that you pay for will most likely get deleted from Twitter and Facebook anyway, wasting a lot of money.

Be careful as some ‘Buy followers’ services could post on your social media profile to advertise their services- this will expose your businesses and spam your ‘true followers’ and could be potentially damaging to the companies image and reputation because most people online find that buying followers are immoral and dodgy.

You could lose trust from web-savvy individuals instantly who may do a search on your social media profiles via a fake fan checker tool.

Your page could be marked as spam and eventually be removed from social media sites for violating terms of service.

  • Don’t create fake social media profiles in hopes to create more engagement. Real fans figure this out quick enough and will be suspicious of your activities if they notice that you’ve gone from 10- 10,000 followers in under a week and once found out this could be damaging to your business’ reputation.
  • Don’t invite everyone to be a follower on social media platforms. In order for your posts to gain more engaging conversations that then in turn result in more user- led conversations. You have to be more selective when following others for you to have more impact.
  • Schedule posts and events far into the future. This one is tricky because scheduling regular posts can be beneficial to keeping your businesses social media presence intact. However, if something is happening live that is relevant to your business and you post something that is totally out of context- you put your business at risk from losing followers and damaging the company image.

Being successful at  social media takes time and a lot of effort to get just right. If you use one or all of these shortcuts you could potentially harm your companies reputation and spend more time putting things right and trying to earn back followers.

By organically gaining followers you will reap the benefits and potential that social media marketing can have for your business.