How To Humanize Your Company Voice

So you have a website and an active blog but your struggling to get the engagement you seek when posting insightful and useful content. What is the one thing that company owners/employees and customers/readers have in common? We are all Human. Humanizing your brand is no longer an option it is now essential. People prefer to make connections, they like to invest time and money in people they know and can relate to.

For example we have taken some action into making our own company more relatable by creating the Team Trump Tuesday cards where each week we feature an employee with a fun photo and a mini bio- this has been great for generating online conversations whilst show-casing some of our skills in the office.

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Some useful tips to help you humanize your company voice:

  1. It is important to get the tone of your writing right. Maintain your voice throughout pre-sale and point of sale process. This is where some businesses lack and lose custom/ followers easily.
  2. Start thinking as if you are the customer. Is the content relatable? Is the text clear and easy to read? Does it sound as if it was written by a human or a robot? The obvious answer is if you think it sounds to corporate and robot-like then it needs changing.
  3. Change your approach in small steps. It’s important not to stress if all of your content sounds robotic. Prioritise your content by what the customer is likely to see more and interact with.
  4. Read your written content to real people before you publish it online. By doing this you’ll gain a better perspective into how people react first-hand and there will still be time to change it before you post it online.
  5. Sign off any content you post with the people who wrote/ created them. This reminds the viewer that there is a human being behind the computer.
  6. Don’t bog down your content with business jargon. If your company is B2B, communicate to your audience in an educational, informative way. If your company is B2C, strike an emotional chord. The better you are at learning your consumers’ language, the more approachable and “human” you’ll appear to them.
  7. Don’t take your posts too serious all the time. Add some humour into your content. This allows you to put your point across effectively and humanise your brand. The reader probably won’t expect it either!
  8. Build a rapport with your online community. Not everything you post has to have a landing page or CTA attached to it. You could just simply ask a question on a social media profile you have. This method allows you to have an even better understanding of your followers personas, allows the life time value of the follower to increase and allows you to feel comfortable to approach you directly.
  9. Own your mistakes and poke fun at yourself. It’s human nature to mess up- it’s what we do. you will benefit a lot more if you just simply own up to them- especially if you are involved in a negative public fiasco. Apologize, be genuine and most importantly don’t try to pass the blame to somebody else, that way the public will move on a lot quicker and you don’t risk damaging your reputation further. After time has passed “some” of these mistakes will seem humorous and it’s ok to poke fun at yourself for it. This allows people to remember that you as a company don’t take yourself too seriously and that you are easier to relate to.

This is a great opportunity to show that your business has a human side to it and is willing to help these followers get information, share ideas, and feel good about promoting your brand.

All in all, humanizing your brand has a multitude of benefits, including gaining credibility and getting your voice heard. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.