Goodbye Katch, Hello Periscope #Save

Periscope announced last night that they are  launching a public beta that allows you to save any of your broadcasts with a simple hashtag and promise a better video management tool is on the horizon.

Yesterday, an online service that allowed users to save Periscope broadcasts longer than 24 hrs ceased operating despite having 1 million active users. The reason not enough revenue. They were one of the first startups who built support during the rise of mobile live-streaming.

Periscope CEO and co-founder Kayvon Beykpour announced yesterday in a live broadcast, that they are launching a temporary public beta that will allow users to save an unlimited amount of their broadcasts in the same way that you could on, all you have to do is type #Save anywhere in the title. Kayvon makes it clear that it has to be exactly #Save in order to work; typing #Saveme or #Savebroadcast will simply not work.

Videos that are saved will include viewers comments and hearts. The broadcasts will also stay in the users public profiles wherever they  link their broadcast to, like your own Twitter feed and Facebook feed. Another great feature that they have introduced is the easier method to delete any saved broadcasts with just a click of a button. Fair warning, if you delete a video it will be gone forever.

However, this beta is a temporary measure until Periscope have launched better functionality to manage your broadcasts.  Kayvon goes on to say:

 “We are actively building support for controlling how your broadcasts stay on Periscope, and that includes keeping your broadcast forever. It also includes capabilities for some people who want their broadcasts to be deleted more quickly. We’re working on a holistic solution for that that we’re really excited about, and that’s going to be coming in the near future.”

The public #Save beta is now open to all Android and IOS users.

So what do you think? Do you think Facebook Live will also make changes to keep up with the competition?

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