Danny Bennett’s Story: The Road To Rehabilitation

Danny Bennett Road to Rehabilitation
Danny Bennett Road to Rehabilitation

With drug misuse related deaths at their highest levels since records began but the number of mortalities outside drug treatment programmes far outweighing those whilst in treatment, there is a clear indication that admitting a problem exists and seeking help is the most important step in the rehabilitation of any person gripped in the clutches of addiction.

The Road To Rehabilitation

When Danny Bennett, a well-known model we use in some of our photo and video shoots, told us his touching story about his struggles with drug addiction it really hit home for us and we had to help him get his message out.

Danny told us that it is very difficult to recover and stay clean. Beyond the first step of recognition the chances of relapsing are so great that many find it too difficult to free themselves from a never ending cycle of drug use and treatment. Danny relays how some of his treatment “didn’t fit” into anything that felt right for his needs and the internal despair that he felt because of this.

What makes this story so unique is how his experience through rehabilitation became a fusion of different stories, tips and techniques and how he managed to make his “own way” from all of the sources he came across. Recognising and borrowing pieces to a very complex personal puzzle is at the centre of the story Danny needs to share.

We were so taken by his story and his commitment to help others that we had to help him shoot a video to introduce Danny to the world and hopefully help kick start and spread his message of hope to others.

We are very proud of Danny and we wish him all the luck for the future. This short video is all about his story and how you can find help in the very darkest moments.

If you or anyone you know needs help with drug addiction please visit the NHS website with all the information you may need to help get over addiction.


I am so proud to share with you the story of my friend Danny Bennett. I have lived with this guy in loop after loop, cut after cut ever since Paul Ward and I shot this wonderful footage with him. I have heard his story a thousand times and it still, and always will, hit me right in the heart. Please take a look at our new video. I am very proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to the things Danny will achieve in sharing his most difficult and painful life lesson. Huge love and respect – Cake x”