A New Website Goes Live

Gambit Nash are proud to announce that the new Jubilee Seeds site is now fully operational and live. The new Ecommerce website that we have designed and created has been built in WordPress with Woocommerce. The main reason that we used WordPress is that it is an easy to use platform for our clients to access and use. The site is designed to sell grass seed, turf, wild flowers and fertiliser. 

The Jubilee seeds brand has been round for many years and has a very long history of selling seed and turf and we wish them much success with their business and their new website.

If you are interest in a new website then please get in touch 



Facebook falling out of love with the ‘like’ button?

Facebook falling out of love with the ‘like’ button?

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that will hide public-facing ‘like’ counts on user’s content. This means that only the creator of the post will be able to see who has ‘liked’ their content. Other on the social platform will only be able to see a limited number of reactions. 

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