Would Your Business Benefit From Knowing Your Website Visitors?

IP Tracking
IP Tracking

Gambit Nash’s IP Tracking Tool

Wouldn’t it be great if you could log into one dashboard and see all of your website visitors? What pages they were looking at, what their business is and how to contact them? Well, you can with the power of IP tracking. We are currently offering a free 30-day free trial to all new sign ups and you will receive all of the benefits we have to offer, giving you plenty of data for you to look at, that other popular services like Google Analytics will not give to you.

How Is This Different To Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool to use and experiment with and once more it’s free so there is no harm in using both our service and Google’s. However Google Analytics will not provide you with user’s unique IP addresses. We understand why they do not as privacy is a major concern. However you can’t use an IP address to find out exactly where a member of the public lives and their own personal details, but you can use it to find out a business’s details like the name of the company, pages they visited and how much time they have spent on your website.

How Is This Tool Going to Help My Business?

Well there isn’t just one way that our IP tracking tool is going to help improve your business, there are quite a few ways, it can help you find new customers that you may have not thought would be interested in the products you have to offer, track how they found you and what keywords they used in search engines like Google and Bing, and you can also track how many times the same user has been to your website. 

Tracking Potential Customers

Using our tool you can track potential customers and gain an insight into what they really want.

Improving Your Website

Are you finding that people are not buying your services or products online? Perhaps this is an issue with your website? With our IP tracker, you can find out at what point users of your website lose interested and look elsewhere.

Focussing Your Sales Team.

With the data that we provide you with, your dedicated sales team can make contact and convert missed orders and opportunities with ease.

How Can I Setup Gambit Nash IP Tracking?

The setup process is easy. Once you have signed up for the 30-day trial someone from the Gambit Nash team will contact you with a small tracking code which you are going to need to copy and paste (unaltered) before the closing tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately.

“This is super interesting for us… a great report and I have already used it internally as part of our HOT LIST of companies to target.”