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Digital Marketing

Is Your Online Marketing Stranded In The Desert?

Are you struggling to attract visitors to your website? Perhaps your social media channels are sitting gathering dust? Or perhaps you have visitors coming to your website but not purchasing your products. These are issues that we hear a lot from businesses that we interact with and there is a solution.

Digital Marketing Training with Gambit Nash, we can help you capitalise on your online presence, attracting visitors to your website and then turning visitors into customers. We can help you to improve upon your marketing skills.
Digital marketing is a key part of your businesses, it is how you can attract more customers and increase your revenue. However, the digital marketing industry is forever changing and nothing stays the same.

With new social channels, new algorithms being developed by Google and technology changing on what seems to be a weekly basis, it is important that you keep up with all this information. Our course aims to cover the key aspects of digital marketing, from search and mobile to social media.

What Happens On The Digital Marketing Course?

The digital marketing course will be broken into two halves of the day. Firstly we have the “Digital Marketing Planning and Campaign Execution & Management” this will take three hours. Followed by the second half of the day which will be all about “Measuring Your Digital Marketing Success” this will roughly last three hours.

First Half Of The Day

  • Keyword strategies & customer value analysis
  • Current site analysis for relevant content, ranking, navigation & metadata
  • Pay per click options, strategies & planning
  • Google Adwords & wider PPC / direct marketing management
  • Social media development & content creation
  • Communities of interest & quality link building

Second Half Of The Day

  • Identifying the important metrics from the digital noise
  • Competition analysis – how to gain the upper hand on your competitors Analytics, reporting & making sense of the data
  • The Gambit Nash Digital Return on Investment model in your business Flexing your campaign based on actual results – Digital Feedback Loop

How Will Our Course Help You

  • Embed the Gambit Nash keyword analysis and Digital ROI Model tools into your business
  • Ability to run effective campaigns with limited external help
  • Put you in control of your digital marketing campaigns and activity
  • Clear understanding of your return on digital investments
  • Flex and adapt your digital marketing activity to achieve increasing returns

Where Are We?

We’re based in the leafy village of Belbroughton on the site of the old Nash Works which once was the scythe making capital of the world!

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