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IP Tracking Tool

Are you worried that your website visitors are rapidly declining month on month? Or perhaps your website visitors are soaring however, you’ve had no one buy your product. Maybe you’re just curious to see who visits your website, whether it is a competitor or customer.Or maybe you’re just curious to see who visits your website, whether it is a competitor or customer. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution… Our very own IP Tracking Tool.

Gambit Nash’s IP Tracking Tool

There are a handful of IP tracking services out there that can identify who has visited your website, however, these services come at a rather extravagant price. The Gambit Nash team have created a solution to this problem. We are offering our very own IP tracking tool. This service will allow you to:

  • See who has visited your website
  • What pages they have looked at
  • How much time they have spent looking at your website/web pages
  • Create reports and save data to an Excel sheet.
  • Watch companies that visit your page
  • View keywords users have searched to get to your website
  • View most common pages visited

And much much!

Our IP tracking tool is a much more affordable option for those of you who own a small to medium-sized businesses. At just £95.00 + VAT a month. Or you can pay annually and save yourself £78.99 per month. This option would cost you £950.00 + VAT a month.

Easy Set-Up Process

Once you have signed up, one of the team members here will be in touch via email. We will send you a small unique tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page on the website you wish to track. You may need your web developer or webmaster to carry out this process if you are unsure.

We will then send you a unique username and secure password along with a link to your new IP tracking dashboard. From here you will have access to all the features listed above and more! Allowing you to follow up these leads and increase your revenue.

What Are We Offering?

We are currently offering a FREE 14-day trial for users who sign up now. We do not ask for any bank details upon sign up and there is no contract so you can cancel anytime, so long as you give the team here a month’s notice.

Once your 14-day trial has finished we will email you with a report of all the businesses that have visited your website within the 14-day period for you to keep. If you would like to continue using our tool after the 14-days simply click the subscribe link within the email, however, If you decide at the end of the 14-days that our tool is not beneficial to your business, your trial will simply run out and you’ll be unable to log back in to your dashboard.

What do you have loose? Sign up now and start improving your business.

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