Top Three Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

Wordpress 4.6
Wordpress 4.6

Your website is the foundation of your business online and the first point of contact potential customer will have with your business.

However, it is no longer enough for you to simply have a website/webpage with your businesses name on. You need a modern, mobile friendly and fully functioning website that will make your business stand out.

Here are our top three signs that your businesses website is in need of an update.

Your Website is Not Mobile-Friendly, It’s Old and Outdated

In the past five years, there has been a significant increase in people browsing the internet from their smartphones. Back in 2016 mobile web usage overtook desktop usage for the first time ever and has since increased with popularity.

Which is why it is essential for your businesses website to be responsive to mobiles, desktops and tablets. Mobile-friendly websites simply mean that all of your text, imagery, videos and maps all scale to fit the screen they are being viewed on.

If your reading this blog post on your desktop simply reduce the window size to that of a mobile. Have you noticed how the imagery and text all line up to fit the desired area? Can your website do this? If not you may be putting potential customers off your product and services. 

To see if your website is mobile friendly you can carry out a mobile-friendly test that has been developed by Google.

Your Competitors Have A Better Site With More Functionality

Every business will have competitors. Nike competes with Adidas, Google compete with Apple and Marvel compete with DC. It’s the nature of the business.

Which is why it is important that your website stands out amongst the noise of your competition. If you are selling a similar product or service as your competitor, and they have a more attractive mobile-friendly website compared to your sub-par webpage. Think to yourself, who’s going to be getting that customers business?

You’re Getting No Enquiries

Chances are that a customer will Google your business and take a look at your social media channels before they even pick up the phone and dial. The first impression that you give to your potential customers no longer comes from your telephone manner or how clean you keep your office.

A first impression comes from your online image. If your website looks unprofessional and gives off the feeling it was made in the 90’s and hasn’t been updated with current technology then potential customers will not invest in your products or services.

It’s time that you blew the dust of off your old website and bought it into the 21st century. With a mobile-friendly look and feel.

How Can Gambit Nash Help With Your Website Redesign?

If your interested in redesigning your website then please get in touch with the Gambit Nash team to see how we can bring your businesses website into the modern digital age. We use the latest technologies to build modern, responsive websites. Find out more.