Twitter rolls out beta allowing developers to embed ads in Tweets

Twitter and MoPub is launching their new beta which allows developers to add advertisements within their twitter posts.

By integrating third party applications Twitter Kit and the MoPub publishing platform, adverts can be included into content you’d normally find in a tweet. This beta launch marks the first time Twitter has allowed developers to advertise directly within Twitter, which will relate to off-platform content as well.

Where will I see these ads?

During the beta period, Twitter is only allowing tweets with embedded ads to be seen in Android and IOS mobile applications that utilize Twitter Kit for embedded timelines. That means third-party apps using Twitter as their social feed can promote the tweets within their own application.

Will users feeds be clogged with ads after the beta ends?

According to Twitter, they have reassured users that they have taken care to make sure the ads appear as subtle as possible by making sure ads are appropriately rendered and they match colour themes that developers have set in Twitter Kit.

Developers don’t have to work too hard either. Twitter says that once a native ad unit is set up in MoPub, all developers have to do is simply their ID into Twitter Kit and the third party app will do the rest.

This program means Twitter is now allowing the promotion of streams with ease and this is great news for businesses as they will be allowed to do the same which has been a hot topic ever since businesses began utilizing Twitter.

Do you think this is a smart move by Twitter or do you think they have missed the boat and businesses will start using a new platform for stream promotion? Let us know in the comments.