Is Game of Thrones Connected to Social Media?

Game of Thrones social media
What house are you?

Is Game of Thrones Connected to Social Media? Game of Thrones season 5 premiered Monday night in the UK, here is a post about the houses in Westeros and how they could relate to certain social media sites. So if you are a Game of Thrones fan and struggling to understand some forms of social media this may be the right place for you.

House Baratheon – This house linked directly with the social media site Myspace. The once great King Robert Baratheon who sat upon the Iron Throne but had a short lived reign after a crossing with a wild boar. After both Robert and Myspace went out of the limelight they tried again to relive their success House Baratheon pinned all their hopes upon Renly Baratheon just like Myspace had hoped Justin Timberlake would reclaim their glory in the world of social media, but now all of house Baratheon’s hopes are with Stanis Baratheon

House Greyjoy – House Greyjoy much like social media platform Google+ planned to take the world by storm, but entered the fight a little too late. Occasionally being mentioned but having no successes to be taken very seriously, with Google having the strength and money to pay the Iron Price but remains dormant, and like house Greyjoy Google+ isn’t taken to seriously.

House Lannister – If Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company Facebook was a Westeros family House Lannister fits the bill. They are the old and well known company that hold true power over all social media forms, although Facebook is slowly declining. They are not afraid to sell their secrets to gain more power over the social media world.

House Baelish – House Baelish better known in the social media world as Linkedin, full of people trying to be successful and all want to advance in the world and gain power. And just like the family Lannister (Facebook)

House Arryn – The classic House Arryn is well known throughout the Westeros world. As is, it’s social media twin Twitter, with strange family values that only their users understand. like the hash tag that has worked it’s way into other social media sites recently. With powerful members disappearing when conflicts arrives.

House Tully – “Family, Duty, Honor”. The words of house Tully, this motto can also be pinned to the weird and wonderful world of Tumblr, with users doing anything to protect what they believe in whilst they are a dominant force in the social media and Westeros world don’t hold your breath for this family to sit on the Iron Throne, or the social media throne.

House Tyrell – This house is known throughout Westeros for having strong woman that aren’t afraid to stand up to some of Westeros most known men Margaery Tyrell anyone? Along with their iconic weddings, (The Purple Wedding?) and their love of food and wine, these are all qualities you can see on Pinterest.

House Targarean – House Targarean shares similar qualities to that of YouTube, being completely independent and somewhat out on their own from the world of Facebook and Twitter. Numerous other video sharing websites have tried to kill of this site, just like numerous people have tried to kill Daenerys Targaryen, it remains untouched and still dominates the world where the House Targarean has Dragons, YouTube has the mighty Dog and Cat videos.

House Martell – the mighty family from Dorn, House Martell is closely linked with the popular social media app Instagram. With the eye catching users and their way with their captions, it is no different to that of House Martell, Just like in the social media world in the end Oberyn Martell and his house always gets owned by the Lannister’s (Facebook)

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