Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook Are Planning a Major Overhaul

The Facebook Newsfeed is planning to overhaul how their platform works. With the aim being to prioritize friends and family’s posts and make businesses, brands

Facebook Stories

Facebook Launch Snapchat Like Feature Called Facebook Stories

Facebook are planning to use Snapchat’s main feature in their flagship app for the fourth time this year. The functionality that they are now going to be implementing into the Facebook app on Android and iOS under the name “Facebook Stories” has also been added to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger all owned by the Facebook company.

All about Facebook’s Live Map

Facebook Live is a new video feature that was rolled out in February 2016 and offers users real-time streaming video capabilities, with the aim to compete with

Google+ Is Being Revamped.

Google+ is not going away anytime soon, It looks as if Google are not quite ready to give up on their social media channel. To


Notify The New App By Facebook

The vast World of technology is forever growing, just take a look at Google, in the past fifteen years they have grown from a simple


Emergency! Facebook has gone down!

For the second time in a week, Facebook has gone down, whilst many of you twiddle your thumbs and wait for the social media giant

Dislike Button

Dislike Button Introduced To Facebook

Facebook are introducing the “dislike” button, for many years there have been numerous parody accounts trying to encourage Facebook to create a dislike button. This