Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? If Not You Might See A Decrease In Visitors To Your Site

mobile friendly
Is your website mobile friendly? If not you could be loosing a lot of potential customers

Are you worrying about how many people are visiting your website? Afraid that your competitors are above you on Google? This could be because your site is not mobile friendly, Don’t worry we can help you.

Gambit Nash offer a multitude of services that will help you climb those Google rankings.

Mobile Friendly

First thing is first, is your website mobile friendly? If not you could losing a lot of visitors to your site because it simply doesn’t work properly on a mobile device. We have all been there, visiting a website and having to scroll from left to right and zooming in just to read texts or to click a link.

All of the websites that we produce here at Gambit Nash are optimised for all the latest mobile devices. We would advise against you using a separate mobile solution, due to the fact that it can lead to inconsistent content across various platforms, and can duplicate content issue for search engines (Google) (Bing)

Online Marketing

Secondly do you use online marketing? If not why not? Online marketing is perhaps one of the most important ways to market your products to the world. With Gambit Nash’s dedicated digital marketing team we will help to grow your business with these steps.

Pay per click (PPC)

  • Comprehensive PPC management as and when required across appropriate and researched channels (Including but not limited to Google).
  • Close PPC management is essential to traffic building success, both in terms of key word choice and price levels that are being paid.
  • Outside of Google, other PPC providers (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc…) offer great value at the moment, in addition to better targeting of potential new customers.
  • Overall we recommend a wide-ranging PPC strategy, as part of a holistic traffic building strategy for your business and web presence.

On-page Optimisation

  •  Every business’ web presence will require constant updating and tweaking to take account of emerging and changing customer behavior.
  • Website content will in any event need to be regularly updated and specifically designed in order to rank in the major search engines.
  • Imaging, content and video media will require specific tagging, optimisation and cross marketing activity.

Social Media

  •  Social media accounts and profiles should be set up on appropriate 3rd party sites
  • Regular blog updates and social media management
  • Paid for advertising
  • Advert creation


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