What Is Material Design?

material design
What is your experience with material design

Material Design Is An Intuitive Design Language

‘Material Design’, if you’re a designer you have no doubt heard this term same goes if you are an avid Google/Android fan. Material design will be one of the best and intuitive design languages that you have come across. With the beta release of Android N out now, you will notice material design is changing and adapting to become more and more user friendly. Personally I’m biased myself along with our technical architect love material design and are the only Android owners here at Gambit Nash. However that does not mean that others do not appreciate it. I myself currently use the Nexus 6p as my daily driver, built by Huawei and Google to represent exactly what they want Android to be, and Dan using the One Plus One built by a Chinese manufacturer that allows you to purchase a flagship phone with flagship specifications without the flagship price attached.

“Mobile is over. We need to start designing for people.” – Matias Duarte,  Director of Android operating system User Experience

Pure Material Design

But What is It?

Material design is how Google believe their apps and services should look and work across all of your devices and services Google offer you, from your Android devices to Chrome, YouTube and even Android Wear uniting the business under a set of core design principles. They accomplish this by making the most out of the grid layout on your device, giving you quick and responsive animations, and transitions from app to app and greater depth effects, such as lighting and shadows. Check out the video below about how the Google design team came up with the idea of material design.

How It Was Created

What Do You Think ?

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