WordPress 4.6 Has Been Released But What’s New?

Wordpress 4.6
Wordpress 4.6

WordPress 4.6 New Features:

We’ve known that WordPress 4.6 will be released for a while now, and although there have been leaks from developers we like to keep our mind open as to what will be released in the new update. That being said a few of the website that we build and host have now been updated to WordPress 4.6. So the question on people’s minds is what’s new?

Highlighting Broken Links

The user experience a customer has when visiting and interacting with your website is crucial to whether they are going to purchase your product or go elsewhere, not to mention broken links are really bad for your overall SEO score and your ranking position in search engines like Google. But with the new 4.6 update WordPress will remind you if your links are broken.

Recovering Lost Content

We’ve all been there, we have edited a page or a blog and you accidentally exit your browser and lost everything you created. Even though WordPress has been fairly helpful with there autosave feature there improving it in the 4.6 update and will now save your content every 15 seconds.

Faster, Streamlined Updates

Here at Gambit Nash we update our WordPress site regularly so that plugins runs smoothly and quickly. This is getting improved with the new update making them faster and more straightforward. Regardless of whether you are updating, deleting or installing a plugin it all happens from one screen allowing for a smoother experience for users.

Want More?

Would you like more information on the 4.6 update? check the WordPress blog for more information.