The Benefits Of The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Tool

IP Tracking
IP Tracking

New Year, New Services

The New Year is upon us! And it’s time for you to start making some changes to your business. Do you want 2017 to be a happy and successful year for your company? Are you hoping that this time next year you will have a whole roster full of new and happy clients? Or perhaps you would like to improve your sales figures. If this sounds like your business then we have the right services for you… The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Tool.

The Benefits of IP Tracking

  • Our IP tracking tools allow you to view a wide range of statistics from your very own dashboard. Showing you when a business visits your website and what web pages they viewed. Along with showing how much time they spent browsing your site.
  • Improve your website… If a company spends a short amount of time on one of your web pages it may need improving.
  • Find new customers
  • Gives you access to analytics beyond Google
  • Allows you to get alerts for specific businesses visiting your website
  • Allows you to target your sales team instead of relying on cold calling
  • Free 14-day trial to get your head around our tool.
  • Fixed price, no contract
  • Easy set-up, once you decide you would like to take full advantage of our tool we will contact you with a small tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately If your site is powered by WordPress, we have an official plugin which makes setup even easier!

Can You Afford For Potential Customers To Disappear Into Thin Air?

Our IP Tracking tool is currently £95 + VAT. We also offer you a free 14 – day trial so you can really sink your teeth into our product and find out if it is worth investing your time and money into. For more information on our services please take a look at our B2B IP Tracking page, or call us on 01562731313

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