How To Write Relevant Content To Help Your Website Rank


Content Is Key

Content is key when it comes to SEO. Adding content to your website regularly using targeted keywords allows your website to rank in all of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, you need to take into consideration key characteristics when writing your online blog.

How To Write Real Content

Your content has to be real. Numerous companies and news publishers have come under fire recently for publishing ‘fake news’. Your content has to be genuine and it has to be real, your brand and business will only become tarnished and untrustworthy by publishing fake content. Our top tip to make sure that the content that you are writing about is real is to take some time and research the subject. If multiple sources have written about the subject chances are the content is legitimate. However, if the article has come from single publishers that you have not heard about before we would advise staying away.

Your blog subject has to be relevant. Deciding what subject to write about is perhaps one of the hardest parts about writing. However, we would recommend that you write your article around your business industry.

Your writing should also be very diverse, showing a great deal of variety in a piece of content really grabs the reader’s attention, for example, if you are writing about all the good things that are surrounding Android then it is a one sided argument, you need to balance out and write not only the good things but the bad too.

Perhaps one of the best tips that you can have to create good content is to simply take your time with it, don’t rush it and publish within an hour because chances are it is going to be riddled with spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and sentences that probably do not make sense. Take your time to plan your content, design it, edit it and polish it.

Struggling To Find The Time To Write Content?

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