Why Your Business Should Be Using IP Tracking To Identify Your Web Visitors

IP Tracking Tool

Why IP Tracking Is A Must For Your Business

Is it time that your business starts to make some changes? Are you finding that Google Analytics isn’t giving you quite what you’re after? If this sounds like you… Then we have the solution for you. If you’re looking at increasing your sales figures or if you’re looking at gaining some new clients then you may want to invest your time into using the Gambit Nash IP Tracking tool.

What Is The Gambit Nash IP Tracking Tool?

Our IP tracking tool is an effective way to track what company’s visit your website, allowing you to see what they have viewed, how long they have spent on your website and what they were looking at. You can view this all through your very own dashboard with real-time results. 

How Is It Different To Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool to use and experiment with and it’s free so there is no harm in using both our service and Google’s. However, Google Analytics will not provide you with businesses unique IP addresses. We understand why they do not as privacy is a major concern, however, our tool is specifically designed to target businesses and not general users who are surfing the web. This will give you information like the name of a company, pages they have visited and how much time they have spent on your website, and it can also give you a contact number so you can approach that business.

What Our Tool Can Do For You

  • Our IP tracking tools allow you to view a wide range of statistics from your very own dashboard. Showing you when a business visits your website and what web pages they viewed. Along with showing how much time they spent browsing your site.
  • Improve your website, If a company spends a short amount of time on one of your web pages it may need improving.
  • Find new customers
  • Gives you access to analytics beyond Google
  • Allows you to get alerts for specific businesses visiting your website
  • Allows you to target your sales team instead of relying on cold calling
  • Free 14-day trial to get your head around our tool.
  • Fixed price, no contract
  • Easy set-up, once you decide you would like to take full advantage of our tool we will contact you with a small tracking code which you will need to paste (unaltered) before the closing </body> tag on every web page on your site you wish to track. We will then setup your username and password so you can start to track your leads immediately If your site is powered by WordPress, we have an official plugin which makes setup even easier!


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