Gambit Nash Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

The 13th to 19th of May marked Mental Health Awareness Week, a vital period dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues while working to overcome the stigma often associated with the term ‘Mental Health’.

To support this important cause, the Mental Health Foundation provided a range of fantastic resources designed to spark conversations and encourage people to talk openly about mental health. At Gambit Nash we were eager to participate in some of their suggested activities.

Throughout the week, we distributed a series of conversation starter questions provided by the Mental Health Foundation aimed at encouraging dialogue within our business. Our goal was to foster open discussions about mental health among our team members. We also shared our responses to select questions on our social media platforms, promoting the cause whilst demonstrating transparency and engagement within our community.


As a company, we are passionate about mental health awareness not only during May but throughout the year. By engaging in these activities and sharing our experiences, we hope to contribute to a broader understanding and acceptance of mental health issues.

Thank you to everyone who participated and engaged with our posts during Mental Health Awareness Week. We look forward to continuing these important conversations and encouraging ongoing dialogue about mental health.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us as we continue to support mental health awareness year-round. Together we can make a difference.

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