Twitter and Google back together? But do they need one another?

It’s no secret that everybody who keeps up to date with all things social know that Google and Twitter have been estranged for the past four years. But they have now made a deal with search results because they finally realize that they need on another.

Earlier on in the year Twitter had made comments that they had finalized a deal with Google, this deal will now allow Tweets to be ranked on Google. This allows Google access to roughly half a billion Tweets a day. The first sign of this deal was on Tuesday, Google announced that Tweets would soon show up in mobile searches now that Google have two different search engines, one for mobile devices and one for computer searches. See our previous article here desktop Twitter results will follow shortly.

Google have selected Tweets and various Twitter accounts in search results before this week, but Google have only been allowed to do this by scraping the Twitter website. So it hasn’t been able to integrate specific relevant tweets in the way it can now that it has an actual deal.

You might be wondered why these two companies have suddenly changed their minds, and come together again, well it’s a simple answer they both benefit from the other one being there essentially. Some of you may be wondering why their relationship broke down in the first place, well with no definitive real answer, depending on which party you talk to you, you’ll get a different story. But the premise of this was that Google believed Twitter was getting a little too big for their boots when Twitter asked Google to pay to view their database.

Over at Twitter headquarters they felt that being partnered with Google search results were not going to benefit them and found it pointless them being there, as well as this Twitter also feared that Google were going to use their data to help push their own social media platform Google+

But regardless of how, and why these company’s fell out, both companies have been up to a lot in the past four years. Google have been pushing their social media site Google+ even though it has been fairly big failure as hardly anyone uses it, and Is more like a starter for all of the other more usable Google services like, Google Drive and Google Photo’s. As well as this Twitter have since avidly pursued other avenues and to launch the much anticipated IPO back in 2014.

Now that former chief architect behind Google+ has departed from the service, it is now being split into numerous areas, these will be Stream, photos and messaging. This is due to the fact from the get go, Google+ just lacked a hard-core following like social media giants Facebook and Twitter, personally I think Google+ is a brilliant social media platform for business.

Now that they have integrated Tweets into their search engine Twitter can fill that gap that Google is missing. The rumour going round is that Google are not paying Twitter anything for the use of their Tweets that are clicked on in the search results, although it is possible they are paying a standard fee.

Doing a search-integration deal with Twitter helps fill that gap for the search behemoth. And according to some reports, Google is not paying Twitter anything for tweets that are clicked on in search results (although it may be paying a standard licensing fee, the way other subscribers to the firehose do). You can clearly tell how much this deal means to both parties but something tells me Google are really backing this idea, by giving a huge chunk of space on their search results to Twitter.

Personally I believe this is a great move by both parties. Especially by Twitter as their recent 20% share loss recently. What do you think? Let us know below.