Google Spaces

Introducing Spaces A New Google App.

You may or may not have noticed, but yesterday Google released a new messaging application called “Spaces”. But what is it? Well we’re not entirely

material design

What Is Material Design?

‘Material Design’, if you’re a designer you have no doubt heard this term same goes if you are an avid Google/Android fan then material design will be one of the best and intuitive design languages that you have come across.

Google+ Is Being Revamped.

Google+ is not going away anytime soon, It looks as if Google are not quite ready to give up on their social media channel. To

YouTube Launches Shopping Ads

YouTube announced new Shopping ads, which are designed to turn any YouTube video into what the company calls a “digital storefront.” YouTube is targeting what

Google Nexus

Google’s All New Products!

So you may or may not have heard that Google had held an event yesterday all about their new upcoming products. Now for those of