Introducing Google Search Console

Google Search

After almost ten years, Google have changed their Google Webmaster Tools, and have re-branded it Google Search Console. The company have said that it is a reflection upon the fact that the tool set is not just used by webmasters, but is used by many people, whether that be small businesses, SEO experts, programmers, designers and app developers, I could carry on listening the people that use this tool, but there are far too many to count.

Google main target is to open Google Search up, to everyone and to make it more appealing to everyone who works with Search. Almost everything within the toolset is the same as it always has been, apart from their analytics tools, these have been rumored to be adjusted, so that people who are overly familiar with webmasters can get to grips with them.

Product manager Michael Fink posted “We’re looking forward to an exciting future with Google Search Console, and hope to see users of all types — including webmasters — drop by and use our service to diagnose and improve the visibility of their content in search. We’ll be rolling out the updated branding across the product over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.”