Notify The New App By Facebook

Facebook are now introducing Notify

The vast World of technology is forever growing, just take a look at Google, in the past fifteen years they have grown from a simple search engine to purchasing Android all the way to developing self-driving vehicles.

But this article is all about Facebook, if you are on iOS you may have noticed a small app developed by Facebook named “Notify” this app will allow you to keep up to date with all the latest news updates and will keep you up to date 24/7.

For users on Android this is similar to the very popular Google Now, which allows you to do exactly the same thing.

Notify will allow users to subscribe to a vast number of publishers from CNN to the Weather Channel and even Comedy Central to name a few.


The alerts will show up on iPhone lock screen’s this allows users of the app to quickly read the article without the need to unlock their device. They will also be able to save the link so that they can read it at a later date.

What do you think about Notify though? Do you think that it will be one of those apps on our phones that we never use but always keep? Or do you think that it will be a helpful and handy app?

Nick Grudin, who is the director of media partnership for Notify said:

“We know notifications are a highly sensitive distribution channel,” and then went on to say “If you get them right, they’re really awesome. If you get them wrong, they’re really annoying.”

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