Introducing Spaces A New Google App.

Google Spaces

You may or may not have noticed, but yesterday Google released a new messaging application called “Spaces”. But what is it? Well we’re not entirely sure, personally I can see it being the future of Google+. The great thing about Spaces is that it’s free and it’s available for you to download both on Android and iOS.

What Makes Spaces Different?

Spaces has a key feature that is unlike any of your other messaging apps like Telegram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Even Google Hangouts. It allows you to group conversation via topic instead of person. This is a great feature to a business that are developing a product and need to share notes or if you just need to better improve your office communications.

You can use a dedicate space to plan for certain activities and events. For example if you have a birthday party coming up, you can plan and organise it all in your own dedicated space. Allowing you to share images, links and videos of things that you are interested in.

The good thing about using their app is you never leave the app when you are using it on your mobile device. This means that you do not have to constantly flick from app to app.

Need Your Own Space?

Simply log into your dedicated Google account and go to You will be shown your home screen showing you your dashboard and an Activity section that allows you to view and control all you’re the activity that is happening within your dedicated spaces.

Spaces Dashboard
Once you have logged into Spaces you will be greeted with your Dashboard.

If you want to create a board simply hit “Create a Space” and you will then be able to customize the area to your liking, editing the header and title that Google automatically fill in for you.

Creating A Space
Once you have created your Space you can edit the header and title of it.

What Do We Think?

We think that Google’s new app is going to come in useful here at Gambit Nash, allowing us to share and create our topics to suit us. It could do with a few minor bug fixes but on the whole it is a sturdy product released by Google that I believe is going to help a lot of people to communicate and share important content.