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Gambit Nash – Digital Marketing Method

There is more to online digital marketing than just being on page 1 of Google. It’s about building traffic and sending visitors to your website Gambit Nash provide the experience and expertise with your local business needs

At Gambit Nash we are lucky to have a multi-talented team of developers, designers and digital marketing guru’s to assist you with your business needs.

Today we’re going to focus on the digital marketing aspect of our business and how we could help you.

Have you ever sat down and Googled your business?

Are you noticing that you are not on the 1st page of Google? Perhaps you are on page 3 or 5. Unfortunately, not many people will move past the 1st page of any search engine. Academic studies show that 91.5% of internet users will not move past the 1st page of Google.

However, there is no need to panic we are here to help. We have over 15 years within the digital marketing area. We’ve been in the business so long that when we started out Google didn’t even exist. The Gambit Nash online marketing team headed by Dr Paul Rone-Clarke are dedicated to getting you and your business the best results possible.

Throughout the years we have been active we have learnt how to get the best results for our clients. These results come from actively involving our customers in all aspects of their digital marketing strategy.

The Gambit Nash Digital Marketing Model Model  

The team here at Gambit Nash are firm believers in our digital marketing model. We believe that this is crucial to the success of our work with you. The model needs to be established at the start of our work, and be constantly updated and form a key part of our client communication.

The four key aspects of the Gambit Nash Digital Return on Investment Model are

  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Direct Marketing,
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, more commonly abbreviated to SEO is the process of improving your visibility of your website. One of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO is to add relevant content on a weekly basis. Although you have to be careful not to publish multiple pieces of content to your website as Google will penalise you for this. This is not be confused with PPC which is the process of paying a search engine like Google to place your website above organic results.

Content Marketing

We create content for a number of clients, in a handful of markets, we come up with a keyword strategy with the client and then develop articles around this. For example, we have written content for numerous clients from horticultural to double glazing. With the right keyword strategy, we can write your content and market it for you. You can even buy guest posts from sites like, which will provide you with top quality articles written by specialists, ensuring your clients like the work due to their professional structure.

Social Media

In the past ten years, social media has become an important platform for businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionised advertising. Instead of traditional advertising like TV and radio business can now create and advert campaign on Facebook. This has the potential to be seen by thousands of social media user’s. We take social media marketing beyond the “boost” button and really get to know your target demographic, giving you the best value for your marketing budget.

Reporting to Clients

Our close relationship with our clients is of vital importance to us, which is why we agree key metrics and performance measures for our traffic building and digital marketing work and report on the progress that we have made every month. We formally review the approach at 6 and 12 months with all of our clients. This open, regular communication and flexibility of approach are crucial to the success of our work and the strength of our client relationships.

Are you Interested In Our Digital Marketing Services?

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