All Things Wild Testimonial

All Things Wild Testimonial

Would your business benefit from a 300% increase in clients? We Work in co-operation with our clients to achieve their goals. We are a real

All about Facebook’s Live Map

Facebook Live is a new video feature that was rolled out in February 2016 and offers users real-time streaming video capabilities, with the aim to compete with


Twitter Are Making Some Big Changes.

From a small social network to one of the biggest social media channels in the world. Twitter are constantly evolving and changing to not only keep their audience interested in using their platform but also to stay ahead of their competitors.

New Instagram logo

Instagram The New Design.

Instagram The New Look Instagram has changed it’s design and logo after five years. This is probably the biggest change in the social network’s history. However do

Google Spaces

Introducing Spaces A New Google App.

You may or may not have noticed, but yesterday Google released a new messaging application called “Spaces”. But what is it? Well we’re not entirely

Goodbye Katch, Hello Periscope #Save

Periscope announced last night that they are  launching a public beta that allows you to save any of your broadcasts with a simple hashtag and

material design

What Is Material Design?

‘Material Design’, if you’re a designer you have no doubt heard this term same goes if you are an avid Google/Android fan then material design will be one of the best and intuitive design languages that you have come across.