Twitter Are Making Some Big Changes.

From a small social network to one of the biggest social media channels in the world. Twitter are constantly evolving and changing to not only keep their audience interested in using their platform but also to stay ahead of their competitors.

New Instagram logo

Instagram The New Design.

Instagram The New Look Instagram has changed it’s design and logo after five years. This is probably the biggest change in the social network’s history. However do

Goodbye Katch, Hello Periscope #Save

Periscope announced last night that they are  launching a public beta that allows you to save any of your broadcasts with a simple hashtag and

Google+ Is Being Revamped.

Google+ is not going away anytime soon, It looks as if Google are not quite ready to give up on their social media channel. To

The Impact Of Ad Blocking Plugins

Apple’s IOS9 update has introduced an Ad blocking feature that blocks annoying ads from apps and their mobile browser with a promise to limit intrusive and

Ad Blocker: All You Need To Know

Ad blocking software is typically a  free to download plugin that works within a browser to block all kinds advertisements on webpages. That can include a

YouTube Launches Shopping Ads

YouTube announced new Shopping ads, which are designed to turn any YouTube video into what the company calls a “digital storefront.” YouTube is targeting what

Twitter Plans To Increase 140 Character Limit

According to re/code Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit, according